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Susan Newman Manfull

Provence WineZine
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
I write about wine in Provence WineZine, an online magazine I created about five years ago, conduct small-group tours to this region in the South of France, and, until recently, was poised to write a book about Provence winemakers, food, gardens, and architecture. And then, my 26-year-old daughter died. The heart-wrenching loss of our only child unhinged our close family and has compelled me to focus on the unthinkable subject of losing one's child to a relatively unknown autoimmune encephalitis disorder called PANDAS. So, while the wine continues to age in our cellar, I am now interviewing more physicians and researchers than winemakers as I endeavor to understand how we lost Alex, the subject of a book I am now writing. I have a PhD in psychology, a background that serves me well in listening to the winemakers' stories and in amassing the complicated material about PANDAS. I started my professional career teaching college courses in clinical psychology and conducting seminars on stress management (initially for air traffic controllers in the post-PATCO era at the FAA, which, now, seems impossibly long ago). Other than writing, I am about to begin my ninth year as the facilitator of the Seacoast African American Cultural Center Book Group and I like to travel, play squash, and host the occasional dinner party. I am from California and live in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
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