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I seek representation for THE INVERSIONS, a debut novel about mirror-image twins, the American Jesus as Hollywood stuntman and drug dealer, a gender-queer utopia in the red-state woods, apocalypse anxiety and the spectrum of political action from paralysis to assassination, and a flaming (both senses) medical-marijuana farm bust. It is also the psychedelic bildungsroman and sexual-orientation picaresque of a child of the Left Coast sixties politically and morally bewildered in the thickets of millennial late capitalism.

More briefly: A man disappears and his twin slips into the life—of crime—he left behind.

My essays and criticism appear in publications and anthologies including the New York Times Book Review, the Daily Beast, Salon, three editions of the Best Sex Writing series, and Nerve: The First Ten Years. Born and raised in San Francisco, I've lived since 2012 in Berlin, where I teach fiction writing, poetry, and philosophy at Bard College Berlin. I've been blessed with awards and fellowships from, among others, MacDowell, Yaddo, and Le Centre des Récollets. I play a mean Paganini caprice. I go to the nightclub. I like to ferment things. I need an agent.
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